Rechargeable LED HeadLamp

  • $24.95

USB Rechargeable LED Headlamp

This LED headlamp is great for working in dark areas such as attics and crawl spaces as well as providing a hands free light source while working on a vehicle or computer. Use it while walking or jogging at night or as a safety feature while riding a bicycle. The light offers a 45 degree tilt head to shine light exactly where you need it. It is fully chargeable using a standard USB cord and can be charged using a computer, wall charger or car charger.

We offer two options on this headlamp - with Red Light and without. The standard model features 5 light options - High, Low, Strobe, Inducing High and Inducing Low.The Upgraded model features 6 lighting options - High, Mid, Low, Strobe, Red Steady and Red SOS (Flashing) . Either model comes with an adjustable head band. Buy extras to keep one in your car, home and toolbox.

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