Dog Cat Nail Trimmers

Dog Cat Nail Trimmers

  • $11.95

Pet Nail Trimmer - Our pet nail trimmer doesn't cut but uses a fine sand paper disk to sand the nail down. This ends the pain and stress your pet will go through while trimming their nails.

Easy To Use - The slender body of the nail trimmer fits snugly in your palm. The on/off switch is positioned to quickly turn on the trimmer on and off as needed. Press to turn on, release to turn off. Just hold your pets paw and gently move the sanding disk back and forth over their nail.

Safe and Painless - Safer than traditional nail clippers that cut the nail. Eliminates the pain caused by cutting the nail.

Package contains 1 trimmer & 3 sanding disks, Trimmer measures 7" in length. Uses two AA batteries (not included).

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