6pc Stretch & Seal Lids

  • $15.95

Prevents Food Waste - Whether its a watermelon, avocado or onion, its hard to keep left overs fresh. Standard plastic bowls with lids allow air in which causes your food to lose its freshness and go bad quicker. Our 6 piece Silicone Stretch & Seal lids solves this problem by laying a layer of protection directly over your food, providing a perfect seal.

stretch and seal silicone lids

Super Tight Seal - Our multiple sized stretch & seal lids offer a super tight seal. The lids can stretch to fit tightly over your food or any bowl or cup. This creates a leak-proof seal. The lids are made of thick BPA Free silicone, are super stretchy and dishwasher safe. They can be used over and over and are microwave safe.

Package contains: 1 Set (6 pieces of various sizes) Stretch & Seal Lids.

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