Solar Powered LED Bulb

  • $19.95

Whether you're camping or just want security in case of a power outage, this Solar Powered Light Bulb is perfect. The bulb is powered via the attached solar panel and provides the right amount of lighting when you need it

The solar panel features a 10 foot power cord, allowing ample room to position the panel. The solar charges the battery inside the light bulb so its ready to use when you need it most. Charge the bulb then store it so you have the lighting needed in case of an emergency. The bulb includes a hook so you can hang it inside your tent or home. The bulb offers 15 watts of power (equivalent to 60 watts). Fully charged bulb last up to 5 hours.

Can also be used to add extra light to your deck. Place the solar panel so it charges the battery throughout the day then use the charged light bulb in the evening.

Package contains: 1 LED Bulb, Solar Panel, Power Cord. Power cord is used to charge the bulb. Bulb can be used without power cord attached.

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