Arctic Cooling Towel

  • $11.95

The Arctic Cooling Towel Cools Instantly When Wet and Stays Cool For Hours

Need a break from the summer heat? Our Arctic Cooling Towel will never let you down. Simply wet the towel and it instantly chills to keep you cool. The perfect companion while jogging, working out, walking, biking or just wanting to stay cool.

Simple to use - Wet the towel and place on the affected area - works on the neck, back, head, arms and more. Cooling function lasts up to 3 hours.

blue cooling towel

Comes in a handy Clip On Bottle so you can keep things dry while not using the towel. Made of strong, breathable Microfiber Fabric designed to become cool when exposed to water. The towel is reusable and chemical free.

Measures approximately 12" x 36"

Package contains: One Arctic Cooling Towel, One Bottle. Color choices available in drop down box.

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